For many people the ideal package holiday has to include a few things namely sun, sea and sand. Throw in a bit of culture, some historical sites and some delicious local cuisine and you have the type of destination that will draw thousands upon thousands of holiday makers. And Turkey as far as top holiday spots goes is just one of those destinations that boasts the stuff that tourists dream about during those long and dreary winter months.

Turkey for many years now has been a seriously popular holiday spot so much so that tourism is a major part of its business and economy these days, and once you’ve been on a trip yourself, it’s not hard to see why it is so coveted a destination. Bridging the east with the west, despite its size, the most popular tourist spots tend to be in the west since that is where you’ll find the beautiful and sparkling southern Mediterranean Sea. With a huge choice of sunshine spots to choose from and reputable holiday operators running successful package holidays there, there really is something for everyone in Turkey even if you’re on a budget. If this is the case, then either shop early to make the most of the early bird deals, or alternatively take a chance on a last minute deal. Shopping online with a well-trusted site can also help you save money and often there are deals like this Expedia coupon here Still not convinced? Find out a little more about Turkey right here.

Starting off with that all important sun, sea and sand, the Mediterranean coast of Turkey offers the ideal holiday spot what with its southern location. With thousands of beaches to choose from plus miles of gorgeous coastline, you’ll be able to find the beach stay for you at the right price. Choose a hotel with a pool too for those seriously hot days when you don’t feel like trawling through the crowds at the beach. And there will be plenty of seriously hot and beautifully sunny days when you visit Turkey since in this western part it has a southern Mediterranean climate which of course pretty much guarantees great weather for a large portion of the year!

Aside from the sun, sea and sand, Turkey has a really interesting culture and history sitting as it does at a crossroads between Europe, Asia and North Africa. With historical sites to visit and incredible architectural sites, if you love a holiday that manages to squeeze in a powerful cultural punch, then Turkey would be a great destination for you.

And finally we can’t talk about Turkey without mentioning the incredible culinary experiences that you can enjoy there. It is true that the cuisine is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, but forget the kebabs, and try something a little bit more authentic in its original settings. From delightfully fragrant Turkish delight to rice wrapped in vine leaves, the mix of Mediterranean and Arabic cooking makes Turkish food really delectable with cheese, meat, rice and fish all playing their part as well delicious fresh vegetables.

So check Turkey for your next holiday – there’s so much to offer for everyone.